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2.49sYes, Yes. You've got lots to think about, haven't you?
2.49sPublic drunkenness, grand-theft auto.
2.44sYou forgot where I made you smash your head on the windshield.
1.23sI--I don't recall...
3.42sYes, well, I suppose I walked right into that one.
1.13sLois. Hi, it's Brian.
1.17sLet me talk to her!
2.85sBrian! We were just on our way to the airport.
1.6sIs everything ok?
1.82sYeah, yeah, Yeah. Everything's fine, Everything's fine.
3.57sStewie and I traded in our plane tickets for train tickets.
2.32sYeah, Yeah. Uh, Apparently you--you can do that.
1.52sGive me the damn phone!
2sLittle fella's sound asleep. But I'll give him that kiss for you.
0.95sYou suck!
1.28sSee you in 3 days.
0.87sLet's go.
2.49sOh, Crap. We gotta disappear. And quick!