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2.12sHard and blunt! And, well,
1.5sit's kind of like a bat!
2.24sI found it out back one day when I was raking!
2.15sLet's go!
2.08sAll right, we need some wheels.
1.3sThis one's unlocked.
2.4sAn S.U.V.? Look, we're trying to elude someone.
1.8sWe're not driving to soccer practice.
1.1sLet's take this one.
0.97sY-You like that color?
1.2sWhat's wrong with the color?
1.63sI--i don't know. It's just, it's so dark.
1.67sWell, yes. But it doesn't show dirt.
1.03sIt doesn't show dirt.
1.77sI--I guess. It, uh, uh...
2.14sYou know, This really is the first place we've gone to.
1.43sPerhaps we should try another lot.
1.2sWell, Go on. Hot-wire it!
2.27sHot-wire? I don't even pump my own gas!
1.8sOh, for God's sake!
1.07sHurry up!