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4.94s"A Way With Words in Marriage "for Couples Who Communicate Not Good."
5.69sOh, Come on, Lois. Jeez, This is gonna be worse than that time we had to sit through your Uncle Jerry's snuff film.
2.35sAre--Are they really gonna kill that girl?
2.55sPeter, please! People are trying to watch.
1.85sJust give it a chance.
2.54sHello. I'm Dr. Amanda Rebecca.
1.67sBy purchasing this video,
4.62syou've taken the first step towards strengthening your relationship through better communication.
4.97sI'd like to start by asking the women to leave the room because this part of the tape is for men only.
1.77sWe'll see you in a little while.
2.12sI can see this is gonna be very intense.
2.34sHmm! How fun!
2.59sMake sure your wife is out of the room.
1.9sSo, do you want to talk,
1.77sor do you want me to take my top off?
1.1sThat's what I thought.
1.3sOh, man.