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2.43s"And God said, 'oh, I'm sorry.
2.4s"'Is this better? Check, check, check.
1.53s"'Jerry, pull the high end out,
1.5s"'I'm getting some hiss back here.'"
1.57sSay something about my mother!
1.23sOh, Yes. I'm sorry.
2.07sUm, Ah...
2.47sI never knew Biscuit as a dog.
3.2sBut I did know her as a table.
0.97sShe was sturdy.
1.6sAll 4 legs the same length--
1.52sthanks. Thanks. That's enough.
3.34sYes, Yes. Requiem and Terra pax, and so forth. amen.
1.9sWow, Look at all those stars.
2.18sYou know, I've read that starlight gives you cancer.
2.1sBut then again, what doesn't these days, hmm?
2.82sListen, kid, there's something I've been meaning to tell you.
1.58sIt's not easy for me to say.
2.59sOh, God! You're not coming out of the closet, are you?
2.65sWhy does everyone always come out to me?
2.85sI--I just wanted to thank you for everything you did today.
1.82sI know this whole trip has been a mess.