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3.54sWell, this is the real me, but I can explain.
1.5sWe all have needs.
4.67sMine was to make it with five weirdoes and have them scrub my five castles.
5sI gave you all what you wanted and, of course, I made a few bucks letting Pig watch through the two-way mirror.
3.77sCan any of you say you wouldn't have done the exact same thing in my position?
2.67sHe's a saint.
3.14sBut why did you have all five weddings on the same day?
3.2sHey, lady, you got any idea what it costs to rent a tux that changes shape?
1.2sAll right, Alcazar.
2.4sI just have one last question for you.
0.95sWhat's that?
4.35sIf you could change form why didn't you change it in the one place that counts?
2.73sThanks for saving me from that creep, Fry.
1.65sHey, that's what I do.
5.15sI guess I was so desperate to find out who I really was I forgot who I really was.