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2.55sjust go back to the castle and wait for me.
2.02sShe... She's nuts.
4.47sI can morph into a five-eyed alien and I kind of said I'd marry her.
4.02sBut I'm really a Cyclops and I'm really going to marry you.
2.55sOh, yeah? Then what about this?
1.5sUh... this is a bit awkward.
0.97sWho's a-she?
1.27sWho's she?
1.37sWho are they?
1.67sGo back to the castle, Sandy.
1.62sAnd maybe you'd like to meet her
1.3sand her.
1.4sUh, eh, uh...
2.32sThis, um...
2.15sthis must all be very confusing.
0.77sA little.
3.15sThat's why I've decided to hurt you until you explain it.