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1.6sYou do what you want, Brian,
2.57sbut I am going to the North Pole and I'm gonna kill that bastard!
1.97sStewie, you're putting me in a hell of a position here,
1.67sbut I have no choice.
2.85sYou're not gonna kill Santa Claus, because he doesn't exist.
4.37s(LAUGHING) Really, Brian? He doesn't exist?
1.43sThat's right, he's not real.
2.1sInteresting. Interesting theory, Brian.
1.54sWho else isn't real, hmm?
2.92sYou gonna tell me that Elmo isn't real? Huh?
2.5sSpongeBob? Is he not real, Brian?
4.49sIs SpongeBob not there at the bottom of the ocean giving Squidward the business, hmm?
2.33sAnd what about Curious George? Huh?
2.47sDoes he not really exist?
4.79sIs Curious George not really out there making little boats out of newspapers that he should be delivering? Huh?
1.58sEducate yourself, you fool.
1.52sLook, Stewie, if you'd just listen for a sec...
1.68sNo, you listen, Brian!
2.5sI'll tell you what, you take me to the North Pole,
3.02sand if Santa isn't there, I'll do something for you.
5.34sWhat? When Lois does that middle-of-the-night feeding that she doesn't even open her eyes or really wake up,