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2.44sPeter, come help decorate the Christmas tree.
3.35sOne second, Lois, I'm almost done icing down the walk.
2.25sHey, Joe. We're having eggnog and roasted marshmallows.
0.98sWant some?
1.52sBoy! Do I!
1.77sOh, my God! This is why I love the holiday season.
1.5sPour me a nice big tall glass...
4.27s(LAUGHING) God bless us everyone.
1.6sHey, give me your keys. I need your car.
1.37sWhat? You're not taking my car.
1.83sVery well, then. You're driving me. Let's go.
1.03sDriving you where?
1.97sTo the North Pole, to see Santa Claus.
4.67sIf that beslubbering, onion-eyed maggot-pie thinks he can just blow me off like that, he's got another thing coming!
2.55sLook, Stewie, I know you're disappointed that you didn't get to see Santa,