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1.8sStewie, there's only one bedroom up here.
2.02sWhat? Do you have a brother?
1.5sWell, then who the hell is...
2.57sOh, my God, we're in the wrong house.
4.04s(SIREN WAILING) Damn it, we tripped the alarm. Brian, the cops are coming. Let's go!
1.63sWhat? We're just leaving like this?
1.53sWhat about not wanting to ruin Christmas?
1.97sIt's already ruined! This was one house.
3.3sWe've been here for an hour and a half! An hour and...
2.67sFirst of all, we're not even Santa anymore. This has been a home invasion.
1.53sBut an hour and a half, Brian!
1.53sIt's gonna be light in six hours,
2.47sand we have to deliver to the whole rest of the world!
2.73sThere's two apartment buildings on this block alone!
1.32sNo wonder Santa lost his mind.
1.75sThis is ridiculous! We can't do this!
1.65sNobody can. It's inhuman!
1.33sAll right, come on, let's get out of here!
2.27sDamn, what about the reindeer? The hell with the reindeer!
1.8sLook, they're all eating each other, anyway!
4.24sBesides, we don't need 'em. I made a few modifications. Hang on.