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1.7sTall in the back, short in the front.
1.72sAnd show some care, for God's sake.
4.77sYou know, those aren't socks and underwear donated by the fire department to some battered women's shelter.
2.3sThose are Santa gifts, Brian.
1.6sYou know, you have to...
1.37sWhat are you doing?
1.87sDid you just eat that whole cookie off the mantel?
2sWhat? They left it out for Santa. We're Santa.
1.63sYeah, but you're not supposed to eat all of it.
1.83sYou take a bite and a sip of milk.
1.83sThat's how the kids know Santa was here!
2sDon't yell at me. I'm not yelling at you. I'm just...
1.4sI'm telling you how it's done.
2.64sThey need some kind of indication that Santa was here.
2.8sOkay, how about this? Look. Hey, now they know he was here, see?
1.03sStop it!
1.57sLook, I'm here giving out free presents!
1.9sAll right, I'll eat the damn cookies if I want!
2.17sYou know what? I might even make a sandwich!
1.3sWait. Where are you going?
1.28sI'm going into the kitchen.
1.8sI'm gonna make a sandwich, get some chips or something.
1.93sBrian, knock it off!
1.22sOh, man.
1.65sYou jackass!
1.69sHey, who the hell are you?