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2.33sYellow cake uranium
8.56sNever mind the reason Also Chutes and Ladders and a ball (GIGGLES) Doesn't this seem like too much stuff?
2.27sSuck my dick, it's not enough!
4.65sWhy don't you go out and chase cars, you queer Look who's talking.
8.88sAll these happy wishes and lots of Christmas cheer Is all I really want this year!
1.68sI'm just saying, it seems a bit excessive.
2.55sGet off your soap box, Brian. It's Christmas.
1.7sAnd Christmas is about gettin'!
2.02sEveryone in town knows that!
7.84sJapanese girls with no restraint just to choke me till I faint Is all I really want for Christmas this year!