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1.58sWho are you?
2.05sWe are the enchanted totem.
1.18sThe enchanted what?
1.6sThe enchanted totem.
2.5sWe hold the key to the bridge of eternal crossing.
3.72sWhich will allow you safe passage across the chasm without end.
2.32sBut first, you must solve our riddle.
3.17sAll right. Well, we got to get to the North Pole and kill Santa. So, let's hear it.
1.27sThe riddle is this.
2.27sA father and his son are in a car crash.
4.67sThe father is killed and the son is taken to the hospital in critical condition.
1.88sHe needs surgery to save his life.
2.34sBut when he is placed on the operating table,
1.2sthe doctor says,
3.7s"I cannot operate on this boy, he is my son."
2.32sWho is the doctor?
1.83sWow! This is a toughie.
2.07sYeah, I think we can rule out the mother right away.
3.3sYeah, definitely. Maybe it's a my-two-dads kind of situation?
2.23sRight. Like they don't know which one was the real father,
1.9sso they both call themselves Dad.
3.44sSo, wait, were both the guy in the car and the doctor biological parents?
2.77sYes. And the guy in the car was the biological father.