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1.8sBrian, how long do you think we've been driving?
1.53sI don't know, I've lost track.
1.94sBesides, dogs don't have a good sense of time.
2.6sCould be three hours, could be three years, I don't fucking know.
2.27sWell, we must be pretty far north by now.
2.77sYeah, you're right. Look there's the Aurora Borealis.
2.42sYes, and there's the Aurora Boreanaz.
1.23sHi, there.
2.47sThings are kind of beautiful up north, huh?
1.68sOh, no! What's the matter?
1.2sWe're out of gas.
1.74sOut of gas? But, Brian, it's freezing out here!
1.1sWhat are we gonna do?
1.57sI don't know. We'd better think of something.