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3.37sThis is where God would come if he had to stop doing blow.
1.17sThey have tennis courts!
1.33sAnd a full spa!
2.77sWow! No wonder people do drugs!
1.13sGood luck, Brian.
1.57sI just know you're gonna get clean.
4.47sHeck. Shouldn't be too hard to get clean with all these mineral baths and Jacuzzis.
1.4sOh, I see.
2.54sThe fat man makes a pun, and everyone wets themselves.
2.23sI give you gold, and I get squat.
1.5sI'll be in the car.
2.49sThat was a very productive first day, Brian.
2.87sOur goal here is to find your X-factor,
3.24sthe element in your life that made you turn to drugs in the first place..
3.6sWell, just-- just having some time away to sort things out is gonna do wonders.
1.3sThanks, Doctor.