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2.24sI don't have to...impress you.
1.6sLook, i--I'm not insensitive, Lois.
3.82sBut I just don't see why we gotta cancel our cruise just because the dog's a cokehead.
2.84sWe're not going on vacation while Brian's in rehab.
1.9sWe'll just have to wait till next year.
1.8sAw, Man!
2.32sLook, I'll make it up to you. I have a cousin who works at Club med.
1.63sMe mind on fire
2.74sme soul on fire, feeling hot, hot, hot
0.93sHoly crap!
1.78sLook at this place.
3.37sThis is where God would come if he had to stop doing blow.
1.17sThey have tennis courts!
1.33sAnd a full spa!
2.77sWow! No wonder people do drugs!
1.13sGood luck, Brian.
1.57sI just know you're gonna get clean.
4.47sHeck. Shouldn't be too hard to get clean with all these mineral baths and Jacuzzis.
1.4sOh, I see.
2.54sThe fat man makes a pun, and everyone wets themselves.
2.23sI give you gold, and I get squat.