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2.67sAh, Splendid. Fido McCoke-Fiend is home.
1.55sEverybody, this is Tina.
1.03sWhat happened to you?
1.38sHow about a little less questions,
1.38sand a little more shut the hell up?
2.17sYou know, Just because you can't feel your teeth,
2.62sdoesn't mean the girl can't feel your insults.
2.3sHello, I'm Lois Griffin.
1.77sWelcome to our home.
0.83sSo, what?
1.87sShe's like your mom or something?
4.27sTina, can I get you a warm washcloth to wipe the dried blood from under your nose?
2.54sHere, baby. I'll show you the channel Lois doesn't know about.
1.77sBrian, would you-- Chris, look away!
1.07sMeg, take Stewie upstairs!
3.32sWait! Wait! That man seems to have suffered a rather serious snakebite!
4sBrian, would you please ask your new friend to leave now?
3.07sOh, Sorry. Things getting a little too real for the Stepford wife?