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1.27sSir, we apologize.
1.35sGriffin, There's no easy way to say this.
1.53sI think you have a drug problem.
0.97sA drug problem?
1.77sWhat's this really about? Jealousy?
1.97sAm I stealing your thunder, Joe, is that it?
0.36sGive me your badge.
1.17sBy the way, Horowicz,
1.78syou should show Joe your impression of him.
1.53sOh, w-Well, I, uh...
1.87sit's not as good as, you know, my Irish cop.
1.4sIt's just a little thing I...
1.43s"Look at me! I'm Joe!
4.04s"My legs don't work but I make up for it "by having a very strong upper body!"
1.5sWell, I do say that.
1.93sOh, The Old Man and the Sea.
2.27sI see you're getting in the mood for our cruise.
1.83sYeah. Stupid fisherman.
2.84sSitting out there in a boat yammering to himself.
2.62sHe doesn't even know I'm watching him.
2.67sAh, Splendid. Fido McCoke-Fiend is home.