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1.84sYou want to know how pathetic my life is?
3.8sI've seen that Behind the Music with Leif Garrett 18 times.
2.5sHey, uh, Hey, Leif. It's been a while.
1.37sToo long, man.
2.24sI'm so sorry about everything, man. I'm so--
1.52sYou ready for a bombshell?
1.5sYou saved my life that night.
1.9sBut--But I was driving. I...
1.97sI was on a road to destruction, man.
1.34sThe accident may have crippled me,
1.37sbut I'm alive, aren't I?
1.97sC-Can We turn off the cameras, dude?
1.3sIt's--It's like I'm,
2.13sI don't know, trapped in my own life.
2.87sWell, Brian, you may be too inwardly focused.
2.17sTry thinking about the needs of others for a change.
1.5sWhy don't you do some volunteer work?
1.45sOh, That makes sense.
0.87sVolunteer work.
1.12sThanks, Bruce.
1.93sYou still have 13 more minutes.
1.6sOh. Do I?
2.4sI, uh, I notice you got a new receptionist.
2.12sHeh. Nice little body on her, huh?
1.23sThat's my daughter.
2.65sWell, we could probably call this an early day, huh?