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2.04sWe're taking a cruise to the Bahamas!
2.05sAh, This is gonna be great. Cruises are the best.
2.42sAnd look. It says we have our choice of cabins,
1.77sport or starboard.
1.27sHo, Listen to me.
1.53sI sound like an old salt.
2.92sYes. Though I must say, I've always dreamed of a life at sea.
2.84sI'm the greatest captain of the Queen's navy
2.1sAnd your record will stand as proof
2.39sBe it galley or a freighter, I'm an expert navigator
2.25sAnd you're also a world-class poof
2.42sMy manner, quite effete, is mistaken on the street
2.4sFor a sailor who can pirouette on cue
1.42swell, Despite your point of view
3.1sI can thrill a girl or 2
2.37sBut I'd rather get it on with you
1.62sSorry to be tardy to the party.
1.77sWow, Brian. Have you lost weight?
1.68sYou gotta tell me your secret.
0.9sHere's a hint,
2.45sput down the fork! Face!