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3.94sYou like them, huh? Come on, I'll show you the other 300.
1.27sHow could this have...
1.4sOh. (SIGHS)
2.98sI feel so much empathy for those villagers.
2.3sThey had to drink their own tears.
3.07sI was so bored, I cut the ponytail off the guy sitting in front of us.
2.65s"Look at me. I'm a grad student. I'm 30 years old,
2.13s"and I made $600 last year."
2.03sBart, don't make fun of grad students.
2.74sThey just made a terrible life choice.
3.55sJudas-bear, you're not touching your Last Supper.
3.19sI can't eat because my conscience is heavy.
3.19sBoys, enough of your shenanigans. It's bedtime.
3.49sBOTH: Mmm! Ned, let me give you a little something for babysitting.
1.5sI can't take money from a neighbor.
4.92sAlthough business at the Leftorium's been pretty slow since that big chain store came to town.