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2.33sBut my boys and I are trying to make a new start,
2.47sand people here are a little bit more my cup of...
2.55sAre there letters to pick up or no letters to pick up?
2.13sI can't tell and I'm looking right at it.
1.85sOoh, that tears it!
2.07sBoys, put on your goody two-shoes.
2.37sWe're moving back to Springfield!
1.5sBut I have a girlfriend.
1.47sNow you've got a pen-pal.
1.12sSo you see, Mr. Roberts,
1.97sI really would like my house back.
3.14sReally? Well, that's too bad because I'm not leaving.
1.6sSee, I like this place,
2.4sand I've already got fatso, here, broken in.
0.43sAin't that right, fatso? Huh?
4.34s(GRUNTS) Yeah. I am a little pudgy.
2.3sYou got me. Yeah.
2.69sNow, Coach, I've tried to be Christian and respectful.