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3.44sI am a very proud dad right now. And look at that Connie.
2.14sJesus Christ! I bet that thing's so tight you've gotta call the city to get in there.
3.94sMeg, sweetheart, why don't you just go downstairs and join the party?
1.97sI wasn't invited!
2.5sI hate Chris! He's such a jerk!
3.67sOh, look, honey. He's just a little confused about who he is right now.
3.07sI'm sure deep down he still loves his big sister.
4.74sI hate my school! I hate everyone! I hate my life!
2.44s(SIGHS) Okay, look, Meg. I've been at this for 45 minutes.
1.7sI don't know what else I can say.
2.27sHere's a Sylvia Plath book and a bottle of Ambien.
3sI'm gonna look the other way, and whatever happens happens.