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4.7sAll right, good. Now let's give you a pencil-thin douchebag beard.
2sOh, heavens! I look like a rake.
2.4sNo, you look like you don't care, and that's good.
1.6sOh. Okay.
3.5sUm, if we're dating, does that mean when we go in there I can hold your hand?
2.84sGood idea. Then everyone will think you're popular.
1.6sWell, I don't really care about that.
3.14sI want to hold your hand 'cause I like you.
1.37sI don't understand.
2.57sWell, I think you're nice, and I like spending time with you.
4.2sYou're really pretty, and I hope I get to be with you for a long time.
2sWow. Um...
2.7sNo guy has ever said anything that nice to me before.
2.84sWell, maybe you've been hanging around with jerks.
2.97sYeah, maybe I have.
2.6sHey, forget the pep rally. You want to go see a movie?