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1.53sYeah, looks good. Doesn't he?
2.94sLet's see that little dyke, Susie Swanson, beat him up now.
1.47sWait a minute. How do you know she's gay?
2.74sShort haircut, stubby legs, doesn't respond to my advances.
1.97sYou haven't answered my question!
1.7sWhy the hell does Stewie look like this?
1.63sWell, I took him to the gym,
2.27sand the colorful gent there advised me that I put him on steroids.
1.3sAnd you listened to him?
0.7sYeah. I believe everything everyone tells me anywhere.
1.27sWhat's going on, B minus?
2.1sWhat's the haps? Stewie, you look gross.
1.7sYou look like Lou Ferrigno's poop.
1.9sI look like a guy who's been hitting the gym.
1.97sIt has nothing to do with the gym. You're on drugs.
2.84sDoesn't matter how you find the pot of gold, B to the Ryan.
2.17sAll that matters is that you beat the leprechauns.
1.4sThat doesn't make any sense.
1.33sIt doesn't have to make sense when you look like this!
4.37s(GRUNTS) I am hotter than phone sex with a blind girl.