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1.5sWait. Now, bear with me on this.
3.27sWhat if I date a loser and make him over into a popular guy?
2.34sWow! Great idea! I'm glad I hung in there!
2.64sNow, who are the biggest losers in this school?
1.93sWell, there's Smiley McGee.
2.84sCONNIE: Nah. I hear he's a bed-wetter.
1.5sGINA: And Chris Griffin.
2.37sOh, my God! I can smell him from here.
1.9sHe's perfect. God, you're right.
2.17sHe smells like Fred Flintstone's ass.
2.64sHey! No one's asking you to smell it!
2.94sAll right, Stewie. Your dad's gonna help you learn how to be a man.
3.8sReal men have a couple of beers and then project their inadequacies on their kids.
1.03s- Okay. - What's that?
1.07sYou think you're better than me?
1.6sWhat? No. I didn't say that.
2.74sSo I guess you think you would have been some kind of big shot by my age, huh?
1.9sDone things differently? Gotten that promotion?
1.37sI don't even know what you do.
1.4sWell, let me tell you something!