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1.8sELYSE: (ON TV) Jennifer, what happened in school today?
1.17sJENNIFER: (ON TV) I got my period!
2.67sAnd I will see the Keaton family next week.
3.37sOkay now, sweetie. This isn't gonna hurt at all.
3.44s(YELLS IN PAIN) Those lying bastards at Johnson & Johnson!
1.9sWe'll put, "No more tears" on the label.
1.6sBut it does make you cry.
1.03sI know.
5s(SINISTER MUSIC PLAYING) Lois, you should just let those wounds get infected.
1.77sIt'll teach him a lesson about being tough.
2.94sPeter, he's just a baby. You got to let this go.
2.64sMy baby boy got beat up by a girl.
2.27sWhat was weird was that she was crying,
3.77sbut the way she was standing over me made it look like I was crying,