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3sI'm gonna look the other way, and whatever happens happens.
1.64sMAN ON STEREO: Party music
7.37sParty song Does not attract attention Suggests a good time Gina, have you seen Chris?
1.17sYeah. He's over there.
5.17s(GIRLS MOANING) (GASPS) Chris! What are you doing?
2.24sGetting scraped to death by my zipper.
1.1sYou bastard!
1.74sHow the hell can you be cheating on me?
2.23sI'm the one who made you popular!
3.3s(CHUCKLES) No, Connie. Beating up that Jewish kid made me popular.
3.1sCome on, girls! Let's go upstairs and make out!
3.1s(CONNIE GRUNTS) Oh, no! Connie's been hurt!
2.9sI guess I should lie on top of her to keep her warm.
2.1sWhat are you looking at? It's a cartoon!
2.64sChris, I can't believe you dissed Connie at your party.
0.27sThat was awesome!
2.6sI heard about it when I was making that gay nerd spoon with me.
1.67sHey, guys. Room for one more?
1.27sI don't think so.