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1.65sDo a flanking maneuver there.
2.43sWind should be coming in from the south.
3.4sTime it to coincide with beaver holiday.
3.62sThis map is useless. Useless!
3.74sHomie, I'm worried about how fast our kids are growing up.
3.1sIt's the beef hormones and the fluorescent lights. What are you gonna do?
2.44sBut they're already acting like teenagers.
1.7sLisa's with that boy.
1.9sAnd look at Maggie.
2.85sOops, I did it again
2.67sI played with your heart
2.5sGot lost in the game
2.82sOh, baby, baby Oops--
2.64sLook, Cookie. There's a dance tonight.
1.9sA dance? A dance?
2.33sWhoo! I'm pooped.
1.93sI'm going to bed. Bed?
2.04sAll righty. I'll see you tonight.