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2.27sAll right. Well, I need my other white shirt back anyway.
1.6sThis one's getting kind of smelly.
2.27sAnd if I wore another color, I think it would just throw people.
1.62sYou only have two white shirts?
4.14sWell, I had a third one, but it got ruined at that wine tasting at Michael J. Fox's house.
1.58sHi. I'm Peter Griffin.
2.4sNow, we were going to show you the actual scene,
2.37sbut it would just make us all sad.
2.97sSo, I'm just gonna tell you what happened.
2.8sSee, he has this disease, and it makes him shake a lot,
3.3sand what with all the shaking, he spilled his wine all over my shirt,
2.89sand my shirt was ruined.
1.48sSo, that's what that was.
2.04sI mean, he was very nice about it.
2.6sHe said, "Send me the bill."
3.8sI mean, that's not how he said it, but...
1.6sYou know, we got there.
2.49sAnyway, I sent him the bill, and he sent me this check,
2.17sbut it's...
2.53sI don't think I'm gonna be able to cash this.
4.74sUm... I don't... You'd think Tracy Pollan would be in charge of the checkbook, you know?
1.89s'Cause I mean, what else is she doing right now?
3.75sI don't think he's got the leverage to Rita Wilson her around town anymore.