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2sYou're as bad as Negatron.
1.27sDo as I command,
3.24sand we will defeat the Autobots once and for all!
1.45sNope. Not going to work.
2.9sOh, come on. What did we talk about?
1.6sAutobots always win.
2.2sYou think Optimus Prime's gonna be dead, but then he's not dead.
3.44sI'm taking this from a robot that turns into a canoe?
2.9sWhen there's a battle on a gently-moving river, you'll want me.
3.04sNow, as I said before, I can't make you into studs.
2.67sI can only help you bring out your "inner stud."
1.77sBut there's a lot of potential here.
2.77sNow how many of you guys think a woman is looking for Prince Charming?
2.14sWrong! They're looking for bastards like me!
5.14s(MURMURING) Mort, how many times you been laid since your wife died?