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1.72sBecause I'm never gonna meet the right woman.
2.85sBecause I'm... I'm going to die old and alone.
1.67sOh, you're Rip Torn drinking.
2.42sListen, instead of sitting here feeling sorry for yourself,
2.5swhy don't you take Quagmire's class on picking up chicks?
2.72sQuagmire teaches a class? How come I've never heard about this?
2.07s'Cause Quagmire forbids us to tell you about his life.
1.97sAs you may recall, he hates you.
2.77sWouldn't help me anyway. It's a hopeless situation.
1.6sIf you ever want to get anywhere with this girl,
1.93syou gotta ditch that negative attitude.
2sYou're as bad as Negatron.
1.27sDo as I command,
3.24sand we will defeat the Autobots once and for all!
1.45sNope. Not going to work.
2.9sOh, come on. What did we talk about?
1.6sAutobots always win.
2.2sYou think Optimus Prime's gonna be dead, but then he's not dead.
3.44sI'm taking this from a robot that turns into a canoe?
2.9sWhen there's a battle on a gently-moving river, you'll want me.