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2.87s(LAUGHING) Sure. I'd like that.
2.2sNumber 3287.
1.82sCome on, Peter. I'm here to take you home.
1.49sI don't know, Brian.
2.53sThis is the only world I know anymore.
2.07sPeter, you've been in there for 15 minutes.
1.15sGood morning, everyone.
1.98sOh, crap, he's in love again.
2.05sI know, I know. But this time it's for real.
4.14sYou know, I really feel like Denise is the girl I've waited my whole life for.
2.17sOh, please, you've only known her a week.
3.25sBesides, I thought Jillian was the girl you waited your whole life for.
2.32sWell, Jillian was. But I'll never get her back.
2.65sBut Denise... I really think there's something special there.
2.63sBrian, you went to one protest rally with her.
1.17sIt's hardly a date.
1.1sOh, yeah? You want to see?
2.17sI'll call her right now and ask her out to dinner.