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1.43s(SIGHS) You can say that again.
2.47sI was hoping to be at this Democratic Party fundraiser.
1.77sOh, God, is that tonight? Ah...
2.24sYou know, I promised Barry I'd be there.
2.9sI call him "Barry," you probably know him as "Barack."
3.17sUm. Yeah. So, what are you doing here?
2.1sI'm picking up my friend Peter.
2.37sAre you picking up a boyfriend?
4.35sNo, actually. I got arrested for protesting the Walmart opening.
1.5sOh, yeah. I went to the first part of that,
3.24sbut then some fireworks went off and I ran for two miles straight.
1sI'm Denise.
1.23sI'm Brian.
2.4sHey, would you mind if I asked for your number?
2.07sWho knows? Maybe we could get arrested together.
2.87s(LAUGHING) Sure. I'd like that.
2.2sNumber 3287.
1.82sCome on, Peter. I'm here to take you home.
1.49sI don't know, Brian.
2.53sThis is the only world I know anymore.
2.07sPeter, you've been in there for 15 minutes.