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1.13sI no have your shirt.
1.07sYou yes have my shirt!
1.47sYou get out my store! You get me shirt!
2.04s- You go or I call police! - You no dare call police!
2.02sOh, you want to play game, fatso? You big, big...
1.23sFine! I go. But this no over.
1.23sI take picture of Ang Lee.
2.5sGood! He do too many white people movie anyway!
4.85s(BING-BONG) (RAPID BING-BONGS OVERLAPPING) You no come back, ever!
3.64sI no like you American! And all you American look alike!
3.4sOh, we all look alike, do we? Well, look who's talking!
2.47sWhat do you mean we can't go there anymore?
1.65sWho gives a crap? We'll get a new cleaners.
1.23sThey're all the same.
1.5sThey are not all the same!
2.77sPeter, I have been going to Mr. Washee-Washee for 10 years,
2.3sand I am not finding another dry cleaner.
2.72sHe knows the way I like my clothes, and he's very skilled.
3.9sNow, we are gonna invite him over for dinner, and you are going to apologize.
3.37sAll right, but I don't want him scoping out our house looking for other things to steal.
3.27sSo when he gets here, I'm gonna blindfold him with this dental floss.
2.8s(LAUGHING) Racial slur.