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4.52s(RAPID BING-BONGS OVERLAPPING) You stop make bing-bong! Every bing-bong two cent!
1.03sWhat you want?
2.64sYeah. I'm here to pick up my cleaning.
1.47sCool, look at that!
2.4sThis seems like it'd be a great place to work.
2.8sBut I... I didn't go to college.
1.17sThat $20.
1.47sHey, I think you forgot my shirt.
1.3sThere no shirt.
1.27sNo, I know you have my white shirt.
1.1sCan you check again?
1.23sNo need check. I no have your shirt.
2.03sListen here, Washee-Washee, you do have my shirt.
1.13sI no have your shirt.
1.07sYou yes have my shirt!
1.47sYou get out my store! You get me shirt!
2.04s- You go or I call police! - You no dare call police!
2.02sOh, you want to play game, fatso? You big, big...
1.23sFine! I go. But this no over.
1.23sI take picture of Ang Lee.
2.5sGood! He do too many white people movie anyway!