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1.98sAnd Cheryl should know that you took that class.
2.25sDoes Jillian know you're half-Polish, Mr. Quagglecheck?
1.05sYou son of a bitch!
2.48sEnough. Stop it, both of you.
2.37sYou obviously have no respect for either of us.
1.98sYeah, you're acting all mean.
3.1sNow I'm glad you made me face away during sex.
1.97sBrian, you've been using me.
2.4sYou're right, Cheryl, he's just a user.
2.85sAnd you, Glenn. I was always waiting for you to grow up,
5.74sbut you're still that unicycle street performer with a dream in his eye and a parrot on his shoulder.
1.23sThat parrot's still alive, you know?
1.43sThose fucking things live forever.
1.87sMaybe you boys will get it together someday,
2.6sbut it looks like that's all you are. Boys.
1.5sYeah. Boys.
1.8sYay, I helped.
1.87s- Cheryl, wait. - Jillian.
2.52sI'm sorry. I'll do anything, please!
2sMeg? Yeah, this still happens sometimes.