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3.57sHey! That galaxy's signaling in binary!
4.97sI gotta signal back! But I only know enough binary to ask where the bathroom is.
2.87s- You speak English? - I do now.
2.64sWhoa-whoa, whoa!
2.4sWhat are you? Some kind of galactic computer?
4.34sPossible. I am user-friendly, my good chum.
2.87sWho built you? I have always been.
4.07sOh, my God! Are you... God?
3.43sPossible. I do feel compassion for all living things--
4.54smy good chum. But why would God think in binary?
2.62sUnless... you're not God,
2.95sbut the remains of a computerized space probe...
3.39sthat collided with God! That seems probable.