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2.89sSo that's my story, Father Changstein el Gamahl.
3sIs there anything religion can do to help me find my friend?
2.67sWell, we could join together in prayer.
0.66sUh-huh. But is there anything useful we can do?
3.77sSure, I hold s√Čance, channel your friend. No problem.
2.19sInsert coin.
3.14sI am your friend... Bonder.
1.52sBonder? Is it really you?
4.15sYes. I am fine. Give the gypsy ten dollars.
2.69sWait a minute. Bender's name isn't Bonder!
1.9sIt's Bender! You're a fraud!
2.65sLook, you want false hope or not?
1.7sOnly if you don't have any real hope.
3.2sWell, there is perhaps one way.
2.4sHave you heard of the Monks of Deshuba?
0.48sI've not heard of them.
3.11sThey are an ancient order...
4.07sthat believes God exists somewhere in the depths of space.
3.54sThey have built the universe's most powerful radio telescope,