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4.39sListen here, Malachi. Time for a religious donation.
1.76sHand over your wallet!
2.31sBut Lord, we are a poor and simple folk.
2.74sPoor? Aw, crap.
4.24sPity me not, for I am richened by the love of my family.
2.19sWhat art thou doing, Malachi jr.?
3.62sI'm practicing to hug Daddy when he gets back from God.
1.9sMm. Mm!
4.2sUgh! Gag unto me with a spoon.
2.8sMalachi? it's high time I laid down a few commandments.
3.32sYou got a chisel? Take this down.
1.8sNumber one--
2.86sBehold, the one commandment.
2.03sMake it a double!
2.79sCan you find him, professor?
3.85sNo! I'm afraid the smell-a-scope isn't powerful enough.
4.7sBender's odor is so mild, it's being overpowered by local sources.