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2.6sSo, do you know what I'm gonna do before I do it?
1.11sWhat if I do something different?
1.8sThen I don't know that.
1.49sCool! Cool.
2.13sI bet a lot of people pray to you, huh?
3.29sYes, but there are so many, asking so much.
2.5sAfter a while, you just sort of tune it out.
0.7sYou know, I was God once.
3.15sYes, I saw.
2.3sYou were doing well until everyone died.
2.57sIt was awful. I tried helping them.
4.7sI tried not helping them. But in the end, I couldn't do them any good.
2.17sDo you think what I did was wrong?
4.05sRight and wrong are just words. What matters is what you do.
3.15sYeah, I know. That's why I asked if what I did--