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3.74shang on each new development like so many Romanian trapeze artists.
2.9sFrom his humble beginnings as a street mime in Tupelo, Mississippi,
3.1sKrusty clowned his way to the top of a personal mini-empire...
3.47swith dozens of endorsements, including his own line of pork products.
2.4sThis may have led to one of television's best-loved bloopers--
3.84sKrusty's near-fatal, on-the-air heart attack in 1986.
3.7sWasn't that a great Itchy and Scratchy cartoon, kids ?
2.77sWell, we've got another one coming right up.
2.43sBut first, I've got a hankerin'...
2.1sfor some pork products.
2.4sMmm. Look.
5.47sPlump succulent sausage, honey-smoked bacon and glistening, sizzling--
2.07sI'm dying. I'm dying.
5.04sBut a quick triple bypass and a pacemaker later, Krusty bounced back.
2.6sHowever, he was a changed clown.
3.1sWhere his show had been condemned by parents and educators alike...
2.67sas simpleminded TV mayhem,