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2sThe cannon. The cannon.
0.5sThe cannon. The cannon.
2.84sThe cannon.
2.03sSorry, Sideshow Bob,
2.37sbut it's her special birthday wish !
2.4sYou're doomed, Sideshow Bob.
3.6sI know we haven't had much luck shooting you out of this cannon,
2.3sbut maybe that's because we haven't used enough...
3.27sgunpowder !
3.1sBrittany, do the honors.
1.77sDon't blame me.
3.77sI didn't do it.
2.54sComedy, thy name is Krusty.
4.14sHey, kids, it's time for Itchy and Scratchy !
3.5sThey fight, they bite They bite and fight and bite
1.93sFight, fight, fight Bite, bite, bite
3.74sthe Itchy and Scratchy Show