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1.45sOoh. Hefty.
2.37sYou could really bash in a skull with this thing.
1.62sI know, right?
5.47s(CLEARING THROAT) What? Your awards show. I'm sorry I couldn't make it,
2.5sbut I had a very good reason.
1.7sPerhaps you'd favor us with it?
5.59sMy pleasure. You see, I came down with a searing case of "who-gives-a-crap?"
5.17s(LAUGHING) (GROWLING) I wish I had more living relatives.
1.73sWhat about the professor's parents?
1.5sThey're still alive?
2.69sSure, they exhibit all the telltale signs.
4.4sToenails growing, hearts pumping fluid, the whole shmagoigle.
3.85sSo where do these fossils live? In sedimentary rock?
6.17s(LAUGHING) No. According to his next of kin file,