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3.67sGRAM-GRAM: He was admitted to a prestigious institution.
2.47sA mental institution!
5.87sSHABBA-DOO: Got himself a full wackademic scholarship. And we never saw him again.
3sWe couldn't let you end up like your older brother.
2.27sThat's why we kept you on the farm,
3.77sand helped you get your online doctorate in Rodeo Studies.
1.83s(STUTTERING) Rodeo Studies?
2.87sWe did it out of love for you, Floyd.
3.64sFloyd? Who the hell's Floyd? I'm Hubert!
3.15sYou're Hubert? The older brother?
4.27s(GASPING) But we thought you were still in an institution!
3.75sOh, no, no. I was out within 25 years.
3.32sIt felt like a minute compared to grad school.
3.57sOh, Hubie, we're so happy to see you again.
4.6sWait. Was all that true? Did you really sit up with me every night?