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2.27sBut the sad fact was...
3.1sOh, how can I put this delicately?
1.95sHe was a crazy-ass nut job!
2.5sThank you, Ned. But so what?
4.17sHe was our crazy-ass nut job, and we loved him.
3.87sGRAM-GRAM: Every night, the poor boy had terrors in his sleep.
2.7sHis pajamas would be soaked with sweat.
2.2sYeah, sweat. Right.
2.84sGRAM-GRAM: We'd stay at his bedside all night.
3.5sAnd whenever he'd start moaning and sweating his pants,
3.08swe'd read to him from his favorite book.
6.36sEighty-one, thallium. Eighty-two, lead. Eighty-three, bismuth.
3.2sSHABBA-DOO: The poor little psycho never could've survived on his own.
2.93sSo we kept him on the farm as long as we could.
3.04sGRAM-GRAM: (SNIFFLES) But one night, he ran away,
2.57staking nothing but the clothes on his back.