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1.58sOh, my God! Yay!
1.03sGo, Maggie!
1.43sGo, Seminoles!
2.9sThis better be important, Henry. I was choking on something.
4.27sMeet Maggie Simpson, IQ 167.
3.27sOne sixty-seven! That's amazing for a Christian.
4.44sBut my IQ is only 159.
2.37sMaggie's more intelligent than me?
4.67sThat's right, because 167 is a bigger number than 159.
1.6sDo you see how that works?
1.18sYes, thank you.
3.4sSo our kids keep getting smarter.
3.02sIf we have another one, it could build a time machine,
3.85swhich we could use to go back in time and not have any kids!
2.69sAll our children are smart.
3.6sSome are just smarter than the others.
2.45sWelcome to the others.