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2.77sFolks, the situation is grim,
2.94sbut we shall prevail thanks to you,
2.84sour crack team of loyal dregs.
2.14sI don't even know who this guy is.
1.7sI'm Scruffy, the janitor.
5.39sYes, of course you are. Now, we've got to buckle down and save Planet Express.
2.1sI'm on break.
4.87sSorry to interrupt this whirlwind of activity, but we have an announcement.
1.93sI direct your attention to these forms...
2.33swhich I'm presently engaged in handing to you.
3.74sSweet guinea pig of Winnipeg! They've taken over our company!
2.62sBalderdash! I never agreed to that!
3.62sNo, but you did declare yourself dead three years ago as a tax dodge.
3.82sTax dodge nothing! You take one nap in a ditch at the park,