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2.54sWe're making beer. I'm the brewery.
0.43sI heard alcohol makes you stupid.
2.86sNo, I'm-- doesn't.
2.13sActually, Dwight, you're right.
3.7sAlcohol is very, very bad... for children.
4.7sBut once you turn 21, it becomes very, very good, so scram!
1.79sOh, man! I'm sick of this.
2.74sHey, Dad.
2.75sWhat useless contraption are you half-baking today?
1.89sEr, what? Oh!
5.82sThis is my latest invention. A device that lets anyone sound exactly like me.
3.39sGood news, everyone. I'm a horse's butt!
3.02sI am? That's not good news at all, you little--
2.74sWaah! What's this device's marketability?
2sWho's the target consumer?
3.17sThere is no target consumer, only targets--
2.22stargets that will tremble in fear...
4.42sas their new masters hand down edicts in my glorious, booming voice!
4.34sNow, quit pestering me, you confounded scoundrels!
5.22sStamp it, file it oh, yeah send it overnight Can I collate that?