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2.2sThat was incredible!
3.14sYou are the bravest dads in the entire trauma center!
2.22sYou guys almost had him until he digested you.
2.97sOh. You're good kids.
3.62sIf I could feel anything right now, it would be pride.
1.9sAaah! I was wrong!
2.13sI can still feel pain!
1.31sHe's come to finish the job!
2.23sSomeone toss me out the window!
4.37sNo, no. Wait. I-- I feel terrible about what happened.
4.1sI've just been under a lot of stress lately down at the plant, you know?
4.2sThey're bringing in computers to "improve productivity,"
4.37sand, well, that's no excuse for how I acted.
2.27sBut the boy needs to see that real men...