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2.2sI don't know.
2.05sThe torch has been passed...
2.2sto a new generation of, uh,
2.64ssnowplow people.
2.27sCome on. Give me the key.
0.5sThese look like teeth marks.
3.66sI thought there was chocolate inside.
3.07sWell, why was it wrapped in foil? It was never wrapped in foil.
3.57sHardest hit by the blizzard is Springfield's forbidding Widow's Peak.
2.23sOur own Arnie Pie is on the scene.
2.62sEverything's snowed in. All I can see is white.
1.57sArnie, please. The ski conditions.
2.35sMayday, Mayday. I think I'm flying into a mountain.
1.97sTell my wife I love--
1.89sThat's great, Arnie.
1.92sHello. Plow King?
4.42sI was wondering if you could plow my driveway on top of forbidding Widow's Peak.
2.58sI don't know. I'd be up there all day.
2.19sI wouldn't be able to plow any other driveways.
2.8sThere's a $10,000 bill in it for you.
2.23sOh, yeah? Which president's on it?